Introducing Nick Perozzo, our Associate Marketing Manager

Nick Perozzo is Meethappy’s Canadian-based Associate Marketing Manager from Guelph,

Ontario. Nick takes pride in the high quality of his work, proven by his current efforts as a project

manager, as well as one of the two accredited content marketers for Meethappy. Gaining his

extensive business skills, and values through working at his father’s business, The Guelph

Grotto, Nick brings his professional and management abilities to Meethappy. Nick left his

position at The Guelph Grotto to pursue a career relevant to his current studies; Marketing

Management at the University of Guelph. During his free time, Nick enjoys traveling and studying languages. In autumn of 2017, Nick spent a semester abroad in the south of Spain to combine his hobbies--improving his Spanish, as well as his cultural diversity. Being Canadian and having required French class, Nick also studied abroad in France when he was 15, learning about the west-coast French culture, and studying French. You can find him online:

Quick Fire Question Round with Nick Perozzo

Q: What is your favorite go-to comfort food?

Nick: "Any Italian food, especially homemade pizza! Growing up with my Nonno, I loved eating

his homemade spaghetti after school." #CarbLoad

Q: What is your current daily essential? (accessory, beauty regimen, meal, exercise, Netflix

show binge)?

Nick: "Sugar Free Vanilla Latte - you can never have too much energy to start the day!"

Q: If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, who would it be, and what would you

ask/tell them? (dead or alive)

Nick: "In 2011, I traveled to rural India on a scholarship to build a school. It was an amazing

experience, granted to me by Free the Children (currently known as WE Charity). I would want

to have dinner with the founder of Free the Children, Marc Kielburger. I want to ask him what

smaller things we can do the make bigger differences in the world. I want to hear his story about

his experiences in the world, and try to further understand the income inequality around the


Q: What is one thing that no one knows about you?

Nick: "Whenever I am driving in the car, I will blast Broadway soundtracks, and sing at the top of

my lungs. Phantom, Hamilton, Wicked, Newsies, I know them all by heart."

Q: What do you like best about working at MEETHAPPY?

Nick: "I get to work in a mentally-stimulating environment, alongside coworkers who I enjoy

working with. It’s a fun adventure that I can learn from, and mold my future from what I learn at


“In this life, to earn your place, you have to fight for it.”

- Shakira

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