· Joana Gutierrez

Introducing, Joana Gutierrez, Founder and CEO of Pinya

Joana Gutierrez is the founder and CEO of Pinya, an ecosystem that aims to create a
culture of accountability and build a community around technology that fosters a balance
between the digital and physical world. To achieve this balance, Gutierrez has established an
interconnected ecosystem of technology and media in Pinya. An AI assisted accommodation
application, Pinya works along with TIPSc, a gratuity based virtual currency, and The Real
a digital series of interviews with influencers, conducted over a meal. These platforms
work together to encourage authentic human interactions and provide the most accommodating

Gutierrez has 12+ years of achievement driving efficiency and growth for financial and
technological institutions. She holds a unique blend of hands-on financial expertise and strong
business acumen, with the ability to serve as a vital bridge between business and consumer.
Gutierrez excels in business marketing and strategy, alternative investment management,
technology consultation and implementation for multinational companies, specializing in AI integrated software development.

Gutierrez has proven ability to drive enterprise-wide initiatives that streamline operations,
capture savings, increase capability, improve service quality, and accelerate growth. She is a
tested leader who has built and coached cross-functional teams. Gutierrez has provided investment recommendations, managed investment portfolios, spearheaded private placements, and attained 234% annualized return for high net worth clients, as a former commodities trade desk analyst and wealth management advisor at Wells Fargo. She was made Partner at an emerging markets multi-strategy hedge fund, Twin Lakes, at the age of only 27. Some of her accomplishments during her tenure as Partner include an increase in AUM (Assets Under Management) by 30+% within a three month period of her on-boarding, and an increase in trading efficiency by 82% with her spearheading the implementation of a strategic technology infrastructure revamp. Gutierrez left hedge fund management and ventured into the tech world in 2017 after being recruited by a GV (Google Ventures) partnered firm to run an AI focused software company. Gutierrez has also attained a US patent application for her AI integrated Pinya app, and served as an adviser for an open source protocol that improves the efficiency of AI training; this was the first decentralized network for AI and machine learning.

In her free time, Gutierrez values her time with family and friends. A graduate of Boston College,
she strives to pay-forward the guidance that she has received throughout her studies and career.
While she has been inspired throughout all walks of life, Gutierrez finds passion in supporting
underrepresented minorities in big industries, especially women. To learn more about her and what she's up to visit her website.

The value of a human should be seen in what she gives and not in what she is able to receive. - Albert Einstein

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