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    MEETHAPPY is modernizing the “IRL” meeting experience with AI. MEETHAPPY reinvents the online reservation platform so that people can enjoy personalized and accommodating, on-demand meeting experiences. Customers can reserve at traditional and previously inaccessible venues, all while bringing revolutionary value to venue owners.


    We replace static reservation platform software that caters to restaurant FOH management with a dynamic marketplace which focuses equally on the customer and the business. Customers save time and hassle with MEETHAPPY’s “one stop shop” solution and venue discovery intelligence.


    The MEETHAPPY app recommends, searches, reserves, orders, and pays for product at places people meet. In addition to seamless reservations, MEETHAPPY’s machine learning functionality provides recommendations on venues to meet based on one’s personal preferences, their guests’ preferences, or an amalgam of both.


    Recommendations are curated to the most detailed of user preferences - favored cuisine, price point, dietary restrictions, ambiance, proximity, invitee category, and occasion. MEETHAPPY will be available at a myriad of venues ranging from the trendiest restaurants, fast casual eateries, artisanal coffee shops, posh hotel lounges, to your creative co working space, power conference room, happy hour bar, and sought out nightclub.


    Venue owners benefit from MEETHAPPY’s innovative model that gives them the freedom to set their own requirements such as guaranteed quantifiable returns, turnover times, and leveraged excess capacity on every MEETHAPPY reservation.


    At MEETHAPPY, we believe we can provide people with exemplary yet affordable meeting experiences; while creating revolutionary value for businesses.


    MEETHAPPY is rewriting the rules of the way we meet in real life. Sign up, and get on the list for an invitation to our beta.


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