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    Meethappy is an innovative intelligent assistant that is

    integrated into a mobile application. Meethappy will recommend, search, reserve, order, pay, and review places to meet. You have the ability to try new places based on recommendations from previously reserved and preferred venues by you, or your invitee. Your specified table and order can be prepared immediately as you walk in the door, among several other benefits. Meethappy will be available at a myriad of venues ranging from your favorite coffee shop or hotel lounge to the most sought after restaurant or nightclub in town.


    While advances in technology have provided incredible tools that allow us to digitally connect with other people, we recognized the resulting decrease in real life interactions. Through the Meethappy ecosystem, our goal is to utilize advances in artificial intelligence, virtual currencies, Ai integrated decentralized blockchain networks, and digital media to overcome that consequence. The Meethappy ecosystem consists of the Meethappy AI assisted mobile application, partnered with TIPSc, a gratitude and recommendation based virtual currency, and “The Real Meet,” a digital series of interviews with celebrities and influencers conducted over a meal. These platforms work together to encourage authentic human interactions through technology, and provide the most accommodating experiences. We have positioned The Real Meet series as the aspect of the ecosystem to launch first. Stay tuned for The Real Meet.


    At Meethappy, we believe we can help billions of people afford luxury experiences with a higher standard of service; while creating revolutionary value for businesses. Meethappy provides a seamless VIP meeting experience - anytime and anywhere you meet.


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